9 Cardinals who should be playing their last games for St. Louis this weekend

There are a lot of names playing for the Cardinals this weekend that will not be back in 2024
Minnesota Twins v St. Louis Cardinals
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Andrew Suarez

Andrew Suarez is a veteran reliever who found some success with the Giants between 2018-2020 but has not impressed in his return to the big leagues this season.

In 24 innings for the Cardinals, he has a 7.50 ERA and has mostly been relegated to mop-up duties or eating innings when the rotation does not go deep into games. While Suarez may be able to be a contributor for someone in 2024, I do not see that being the Cardinals.

JoJo Romero, Zack Thompson, Matthew Liberatore, Drew Rom, and Connor Thomas are internal arms that I expect to get bullpen looks over Suarez (although a lot of them will factor into the rotation as well), and I bet they'd prefer to bring in an external left before relying on Suarez in any meaningful way.