8 players the Cardinals need to consider trading if their season is over

The St. Louis Cardinals may be heading toward selling again at this year's trade deadline. If that's the case, these 8 players could be made available.
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Kyle Gibson

Much like Lance Lynn, Kyle Gibson has been better than advertised for the Cardinals so far. His 3.68 ERA in seven starts thus far has been a godsend for this rotation, and Gibson has managed to throw at least six innings in every start he's made thus far.

Gibson was a key cog in the Baltimore Orioles rotation in 2023, the team that finished with the best record in all of baseball last season. Pitchers like Gibson are valuable for contenders, pumping quality starts every fifth day, giving their bullpen a break, and giving the offense a chance to win the game each time. Gibson likely won't net the Cardinals a premium prospect, but I still do think he would make it worth their while if they had to trade him.

One of the benefits of trading for both Lynn and Gibson and something that I think ups their trade values a lot, is the fact that they have club options for 2025. If either guy struggles for their new club, they can decline the team option and let them hit free agency once again. If they succeed and the club wants to bring them back, they have a super affordable club option attached to them.

So basically, both arms can be treated like rentals for their new clubs, while also being able to "lease" their services for another year if needed. Again, with not a ton of productive starting pitchers likely available at the deadline this year, Gibson would net the Cardinals a return that could be very helpful in 2025 and beyond.

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