8 lessons the St. Louis Cardinals need to learn from the terrible 2023 season

There is plenty to learn from the 2023 season, but these 8 lessons stand out above the rest for the Cardinals.
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Improve communication between the front office, coaches, and players, specifically avoiding public disputes

The Willson Contreras fiasco. Tyler O'Neill's effort on the field and availability. Yanking Dylan Carlson in and out of the lineup. Comments that were made by former players like Zac Gallen, Randy Arozarena, and Adolis Garcia. There was plenty of drama this season that could have been avoided.

Simply put, the Cardinals front office and coaching staff need to do a better job of knowing when and how to communicate with their players, and when and how to comment on those things publicly. This season was a prime example of how not to do that.

I think the comments from Gallen, Arozarena, and Garcia during the season and at the MLB All-Star Game were indicative of how this has been a growing issue for this organization. There are too many examples of communication being handled poorly by the front office or coaching staff, and that has to change if this team is going to have a winning culture going forward.