7 starting pitchers the Cardinals may trade for at the MLB trade deadline

There are a number of established or MLB ready arms the Cardinals are linked to at the trade deadline
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Logan Gilbert

Logan Gilbert is the biggest fish the Cardinals are linked to at this deadline, but it remains unclear if the Mariners would move Gilbert, and what kind of cost it will be. To be clear, he will be very expensive, likely requiring at least one of Gorman, Nootbaar, or Donovan plus other pieces, and perhaps even two of those names.

There are some within the industry that believe the Mariners would not move Gilbert unless it was in a move to add a star-level bat, something they wouldn't categorize anyone on the Cardinals as outside of Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado, or Jordan Walker, which the Cardinals are not moving any of those three players.

Gilbert would not be the ace the Cardinals need, but he would be an excellent number two or three starter in their rotation on a very cheap contract for years. If the Cardinals are going to overhaul their rotation in one offseason and do so in a meaningful way, they are going to need to acquire a number one, two, or three starter on a cheap deal so that they can funnel more salary to the other rotation spots. If the Cardinals have to go out and pay each of their new top starters in free agency, then they likely will not be targeting the kinds of "ace" level pitchers they need.

At the moment, a Gilbert deal still feels unlikely, but keep an eye out on Mariners as there are a few other names on this list that I feel like have a better shot of being moved.