7 remaining trade partners for the Cardinals and what trade pieces they can offer

Having already made two deals at this deadline, the Cardinals are primed to make more trades, with these teams on their radar

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Baltimore Orioles

Tradeable pieces: Dylan Carlson and Jack Flaherty

Pieces to acquire: DL Hall, Heston Kjerstad, Connor Norby, Cade Povich, Seth Johnson, Chase McDermott

The Baltimore Orioles remain an interesting trade partner for St. Louis, as they've checked in on their pitching before and now reportedly are looking at Dylan Carlson as well.

The Orioles are not rich with pitching prospects, but they are a loaded system due to their position player group. Even after graduating a lot of players recently, this still arguably has the best farm system in the game of baseball.

Why would the Cardinals deal with them if they aren't getting pitching in return? Well, it's all about value.

If the most valuable prospect they are being offered by any team for an asset is a position player from Baltimore, why not take it? If it's for an impending free agent or a player like Carlson that they apparently don't value long-term, then it is more important to get the most talent in return and worry about fit later.

If the Cardinals load up with a prospect like Kjerstad, Norby, or another great position player talent, that helps them to potentially deal off one of their young bats for pitching, or even flip the talent they acquire in this deal later for pitching in the offseason. They are not going to solve their 2024 rotation at this deadline, but they can set themselves up to finish it off in the offseason.

Pitching prospects who could be on the move though include the likes of DL Hall, Cade Povich, Seth Johnson, and Chase McDermott.