7 players the Cardinals could select with the 7th pick in the 2024 MLB Draft

The Cardinals should have a premium prospect available to them at the 7th overall pick in the 2024 MLB Draft.
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SS Bryce Rainer, Havard-Westlake (CA)

The lone high school prospect on my list, Bryce Rainer is usually ranked below prep player Konnor Griffin on prospect lists, but according to Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline, if the Cardinals went high school player with their pick, it would be Rainer, not Griffin.

Rainer, like most of the top bats in this class, is a left-handed hitter but unlike the other position players I have discussed, Rainer seems like a lock to stick at a premium defensive position in shortstop.

Rainer has flown up draft boards in recent months due to his big frame and massive room for growth. He's got the kind of frame of guys like Corey Seager and top prospect Colson Montgomery, which may be too difficult for teams to pass on.

He has the potential to be a plus four-plus tools with his glove joining the mix as well if he were to move to third base. He has above-average defensive potential due to his plus arm at shortstop, but he could be a truly elite defender if he was at the hot corner. He has shown the ability to hit the ball to all areas of the field and is one of the top prep players in terms of exit velocity.

The Cardinals have had success going prep bats in recent drafts with guys like Jordan Walker, Masyn Winn, and Nolan Gorman, so maybe they will dip their toe in those waters again. I do think there are other players they'd prioritize though, and even if they want a bat at a more premium position, this last college bat I'm going to talk about would fit the bill.