7 former Cardinals the team can trade for at the deadline

The St. Louis Cardinals have some roster holes that can be filled with former players at the deadline.
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RHP Jack Flaherty

Aside from possibly Jordan Montgomery, the bulk of players on this list have been fringe additions that will supplant players already on the roster. Should John Mozeliak trade for Jack Flaherty this deadline, it would alter the rotation fairly dramatically. While Flaherty and Cardinal catcher Willson Contreras had some disputes last year, that appears to be water under the bridge at this point.

Flaherty will likely be one of the best starting pitchers available depending on what teams like the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers choose to do at the deadline. He signed a 1-year deal worth $14 million for the Detroit Tigers over the offseason, so he's a true rental starter.

Jack has been reminiscent of his 2019 self this year; he has a 2.92 ERA, 2.69 FIP, 0.972 WHIP, and he's struck out one-third of the batters he's faced this year. His walk rate, 4%, is the lowest of his career by a long stretch. Flaherty has been one of the most dominant pitchers all year. His fastball velocity, now averaging close to 94 MPH, is one explanation for his success. When his fastball is touching 96 consistently, he's tough to hit.

A trade package for Jack Flaherty would likely exceed what the Cardinals got for Jordan Montgomery last year. The Cardinals received Tekoah Roby, Thomas Saggese, and John King from the Texas Rangers. Roby, the no. 11 prospect for Texas at the time and unranked nationally, and Saggese, no. 14 in Texas's system and also unranked nationally, were the true prizes of the trade.

Texas's farm system last year was drastically better than the Cardinals' is right now, so the Cardinals would likely have to part with two of their top-10 prospects in exchange. Hopefully, Tink Hence, Victor Scott II, Quinn Matthews, and Cooper Hjerpe are spared, but even if just one of them departs, that would not hurt too much.