7 bats the Cardinals could trade for to unlock their stagnant offense

If the Cardinals want to take their offense to the next level, these right-handed bats would do the trick.
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Connor Joe

While trades within the division don't happen often, the Cardinals and Pirates could come together again on a deal for someone like Connor Joe.

Joe is 31 years old but still won't be a free agent until 2028, so I'm not totally sure how to assess his trade value. He's been an above-league-average hitter since landing in Pittsburgh in 2023, and he's shown the ability to play first base and the corner outfield positions as needed.

Joe feels like a Cardinal in a lot of ways. He's scrappy and versatile, and he's the kind of player that has fought his way through adversity. He's also been incredibly clutch this year. With runners in scoring position, Joe has posted .262/.395/.459 slash line.

The last time the Cardinals made a deadline deal with the Pirates, things worked out pretty well. They acquired Jose Quintana and reliever Chris Stratton in 2022 for Johan Oviedo and Malcom Nunez, as it helped them make a run to the playoffs and Quintana was their Game 1 starter in the Wild Card series. Stratton ended up being a small part of the Jordan Montgomery trade to Texas as well, which netted the Cardinals Thomas Saggese and Tekoah Roby.

If I had to bet though, I don't think the Pirates will want to move on from Joe. They may not compete this year, but they surely want to in the near future, and having Joe on a cheap salary helps them to do so. Maybe they could see it as an opportunity to sell high, but I don't think the Pirates are going to do that with players they have control over at this deadline.