6 trade proposals to save the St. Louis Cardinals' offseason

The Cardinals still need to improve this offseason, and these six trades may lift them into World Series contention.
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Cardinals acquire Alek Manoah and Clayton Beeter, Blue Jays receive Sean Boyle, Richie Palacios, and Zack Thompson, Yankees receive Dylan Carlson and Luken Baker

For our final trade proposal, let's get crazy with a three-team trade. Alek Manoah is viewed by many as the perfect buy-low bounce-back candidate for 2024. After reported tension between Manoah and the Blue Jays organization, it's likely Toronto will try to move on from their once Cy-Young caliber starting pitcher.

With added veteran presence to anchor the rotation, the Cardinals and Manoah may be a perfect fit. After apparent leadership issues in Toronto, Manoah struggled greatly with the Blue Jays following a Cy Young finalist season in 2022 leading to an unceremonious demotion to the Florida Complex League. With the additions of Lynn, Gibson, and Gray, Manoah may find it easier to make adjustments with veteran arms leading the way.

The Cardinals would also add Clayton Beeter from the Yankees, a depth option for now, but one with promising upside to secure a rotation spot beyond 2024. The Yankees in turn would receive Dylan Carlson and Luken Baker. After an extremely poor offensive season and missing the Postseason, the Yankees will try to turn it around with the addition of Juan Soto. However, Carlson should provide defensive certainty in the late innings, and Baker would lengthen the lineup as a powerful bench bat.

For the Blue Jays return package, Richie Palacios would provide much-needed outfield depth for Toronto following an excellent performance in 2023, while Zack Thompson could either slot into the rotation or the bullpen as a high-upside swingman. Sean Boyle also adds to their pitching depth as an older but still intriguing option who struggled last season following injuries.

Ultimately, all three teams fill their needs in this trade. The Cardinals get a starter who may bounce back in a big way to anchor their rotation behind Sonny Gray, the Blue Jays get a solid return for Manoah and add to their pitching and outfield depth, and the Yankees add a powerful bench bat while securing their poor outfield defense for the late innings.