6 trade proposals to save the St. Louis Cardinals' offseason

The Cardinals still need to improve this offseason, and these six trades may lift them into World Series contention.
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Next, we have two trade packages for the Marlins' Jesus Luzardo. One involves parting with Tommy Edman and more prospect capital, and the other involves parting with Major League-ready infield talent to bolster their rotation.

Cardinals acquire Jesus Luzardo and Dane Meyers, Marlins acquire, Tommy Edman, Thomas Saggese, Tink Hence, and Sem Robberse

While not giving up Nolan Gorman, this package requires many high-upside prospects who could become future MLB stars one day. Parting with Tommy Edman would give the Cardinals more salary to target relievers with on the free agent market while giving the Marlins some much-needed defensive flexibility at either second base, shortstop, or center field. The Marlins' elite pitching development could help Tink Hence and Sem Robberse reach their ceilings, and Thomas Saggese provides a promising young bat that Miami is sorely lacking.

This trade follows a similar framework to one reportedly offered to the Royals involving young first baseman Vinnie Pasquantino. While Pasquantino has reached the Major Leagues already, he profiles similarly to Saggese who has a higher upside though unproven. However, it's possible the Marlins demand an MLB-ready bat leading to the following trade proposal.

Cardinals acquire Jesus Luzardo, Marlins acquire Nolan Gorman and Zack Thompson

This is the only trade package we've constructed that would involve parting with Nolan Gorman or Brendan Donovan. Unlike other starters on the trade market, Luzardo has considerably more control, so parting with Gorman won't hurt as much. Also, with Goman added to the package, the Cardinals won't need to part with many more prospects. Zack Thompson could fill a hole in either Miami's rotation or bullpen left by Luzardo's absence.

The Marlins have failed to develop good hitters in recent years, and Gorman would significantly bolster a lineup largely devoid of power. Adding a high-upside power bat at a premium defensive position such as second base would greatly help boost them into contention. Of all the free-agent pitchers with several years of control, we were most willing to part with Gorman to get Luzardo because of his extremely high upside as a Cy Young-caliber starter. After failing to put it together in Oakland, Luzardo has shown flashes of this greatness in Miami that would hopefully continue to improve in St. Louis.