6 trade proposals to save the St. Louis Cardinals' offseason

The Cardinals still need to improve this offseason, and these six trades may lift them into World Series contention.
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The St. Louis Cardinals have been quiet after acquiring three starters in November, but they should still be players in the trade market. After all, the team is still significantly behind the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves. A bullpen arm or two is necessary to compete next year, and a sixth starter would be great as well. Redbird Rants site expert Josh Jacobs and contributor Sandy McMillan broke down six potential trade packages to bolster the Cardinals' pitching staff into 2024 on the latest episode of the Noot News Podcast. Check out the full discourse here:

Could these trade packages save the Cardinals' offseason thrusting them into World Series contention?

Cardinals acquire Dylan Cease, White Sox acquire Thomas Saggese, Tekoah Roby, Alec Burleson, and Gordon Graceffo

Dylan Cease is probably the most desirable arm on the market. And, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Cease's market is heating up and the Cardinals are amongst the teams "possibly" involved along with the Red Sox and the Dodgers. Other teams that were in play such as the Reds and the Braves have tapped out and gone in other directions, so it's possible the White Sox's asking price was initially very high.

The Cardinals would likely have been asked to part with Nolan Gorman or Brendan Donovan initially, but with many potential suitors out of the market, the price is probably lower than it was before. A package of Saggese and Roby, which is what was what the Cardinals got for half a season of Jordan Montgomery, in addition to two high-upside players in Burleson and Graceffo would be a good starting point.

Parting with Donovan or Gorman this offseason for Dylan Cease on top of more prospects is too high a price to pay this offseason. If the White Sox demand one of the two, it may be better to wait until the Trade Deadline where Cease will cost less in prospect capital.