6 trade deadline ideas for the St. Louis Cardinals

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Odds and ends

Not every team works as a perfect partner, but these current Cardinals could fit the needs of these three organizations.

Jordan Montgomery to the Philadelphia Phillies

Zack Wheeler headlines the Philadelphia Phillies' rotation, but it drops off quickly after that, with Aaron Nola not having his typical season and Taijuan Walker and Ranger Suarez with ERAs over five. Montgomery hasn't had the type of season he showed down the stretch when the Cardinals acquired him last year, but this season has been roughly in line with his New York Yankees numbers. The Phillies would likely be happy with another pitcher who can consistently deliver five or six decent innings and notch a few quality starts along the way.

Tyler O'Neill to the New York Yankees

The Yankees' outfield is decimated with injuries, as Aaron Judge doesn’t have a timeline for return from his toe injury and Harrison Bader will be out longer than expected as well. If Tyler O'Neill is able to get healthy at some point before the trade deadline, the Yankees might take a flier on him to see if they can help him rediscover his 2021 form.

Tommy Edman or Brendan Donovan to the Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels could use a strong utility player after David Fletcher was demoted amid increasing struggles. Brendan Donovan and Tommy Edman have proven that they can play all over the field. They both have the skills to hit leadoff as well, and the Angels would love a player who can reliably reach base for Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani to drive in.

Many Cardinals fans have had the luxury of never seeing their team sell off its best players at the deadline, but the Cardinals' chances look to be fading by the day. These six moves could point to a brighter future.