6 starters the Cardinals need to target at the trade deadline or in the offseason

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Aaron Nola

This past offseason, I wondered if Aaron Nola could potentially become available if the Phillies struggled this season. Well, they have to this point, partly due to Nola's own struggles this season.

Nola could end up being a trade deadline candidate, but more realistically, he's someone the Cardinals could and should be in on this offseason when he is a free agent.

Although Nola is only 3-2 with a 4.44 ERA in 48.2 innings. Last year, Nola finished forth in Cy Young voting and has consistently been one of the best starters in baseball. This season, his strikeout stuff is a bit down, but from 2019-2022, he's averaged 10.9 SO/9 innings.

Nola will be 30 in June, but in today's game, that still means he should have multiple high-level seasons ahead of him. He would make a great addition to the Cardinals' rotation, especially if they cannot outbid other clubs for the rights to Yamamoto or the next pitcher on this list.