6 starters the Cardinals need to target at the trade deadline or in the offseason

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Dylan Cease

I have already made the case why Dylan Cease would be a great target for the Cardinals before this season started, and the way things have gone in 2023, I think it has become even more likely he is available.

The White Sox are somehow even worse than the Cardinals this year, in large part due to the terrible performances they have also gotten from their starting pitching.

Cease has been terrible, quite frankly, going 2-2 with a 5.58 ERA while still striking out 10.9 batters per nine innings. His walks last year were a bit worrisome but now seem to be killing him this season. So why would the Cardinals want him?

Cease is electric when he is right, and I refuse to believe that the White Sox's terrible start as a team isn't impacting him. Cease is also under club control through 2025, making him someone the Cardinals can have on their team for a long time.

Some may say it's risky, but at this point, the Cardinals can't really afford to be selective when ace-caliber starters become available. If Cease can be had, the Cardinals better be making strong offers.