6 St. Louis Cardinals who could blossom into superstars

St. Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox
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Tyler O'Neill

I said superstar potential, not that these guys were guaranteed to fulfill those expectations. But Tyler O'Neill still has superstar potential, but it may never be realized in St. Louis or potentially anywhere else.

2021 looks like the outlier in his career right now, finishing top-10 in MVP voting, winning his second career Gold Glove, and looking like an unstoppable force at the plate. But two straight injury-riddled seasons have caused many to doubt his future with this club.

At the end of the day, I'm having a hard time imagining O'Neill having a long-term future in St. Louis, which hurts to say as someone who has been a huge fan of him in recent years. But this club needs certainty from their outfield right now, and O'Neill does not provide that.


So why would I say he has superstar potential then? Well if O'Neill can stay on the field, he has the potential to return to form and scare the league once again. The Cardinals know that which is why O'Neill keeps getting chances with them. But if things don't turn around quickly upon his return from injury, he'll have to continue that quest for big-league stardom with another club. I do hope he regains his All-Star form once again and that it's for the Cardinals, but if not, we'll see if he can elsewhere.

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