6 St. Louis Cardinals who could blossom into superstars

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Tink Hence

The Cardinals have some really interesting pitching prospects coming through their ranks right now. None of them have the kind of stuff and ceiling that Tink Hence has.

Hence, who is just 20 years old, has a 2.63 ERA in his first four starts in Peoria this season. He's still throwing very few innings and may be more than a year away from sniffing the Major Leagues, but there is good reason that the Cardinals are slow playing this.

Hence has the kind of stuff to be a true ace for the Cardinals. Not just a number one, but a top-end number one starter, someone who can truly go up against the best starters in the game. But he is going to need time to pair his nasty stuff with the longevity and strength to handle a starter's workload.

Pitching prospects are always risky. Hence could experience injuries that derail his career. But the potential for ace-like quality from him is so tantalizing. The Cardinals have pitching prospects like Gordon Graceffo and Cooper Hjepre who could be very good starters but Hence is the one everyone should really keep an eye on.