6 St. Louis Cardinals who could blossom into superstars

St. Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox
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Lars Nootbaar

He's already an international superstar, but Lars Nootbaar has the chance to be mentioned among some of the best outfielders in our sport if things go according to plan.

Nootbaar's mix of power and on-base skills make him a very valuable asset for this club. When both are clicking for him, Nootbaar has the ability to be a .400+ OBP guy who mashes the pitches he does hit. Doing this from the left side as well, Nootbaar can be special.

Nootbaar is also a very good defender, covering ground for St. Louis is both right field and center field. Playing great defense at premium positions only helps his case.

He's already got the framework outside of his on-the-field performance to rise to superstar status. He's beloved by almost everyone who knows him, and he has an entire country rooting for him in Japan. Nootbaar's personality easily lends itself to being a lovable guy, which will only make his rise to stardom that much easier.