6 St. Louis Cardinals who could blossom into superstars

St. Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox
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Jordan Walker

Can we just take a moment to remember that Jordan Walker just turned 21 years old? That doesn't guarantee success in this league, but it should allow fans to have a ton of patience with him. Remember last season when people felt like Gorman was a disappointment and were ready to package him for an impact arm or catcher?

Walker is the top prospect in all of baseball right now. He somehow forced his way onto the Opening Day roster and posted a .718 OPS in his first 73 career at-bats. Walker is going to be really, really good.

Yes, Walker was sent down to work on some things with his swing, and yes he started off slow down in Memphis, but it does not negate the fact that Walker is a very talented player and has a bright future ahead of him.

Not only do I expect to see Walker back in St. Louis this summer, but I also expect him to begin to break out with the kind of potential he has. Walker has the body type to mash home runs like Gorman, but he seemed more like a 25-30 home run-a-year guy with a higher average and a young of doubles. Walker still has a ways to go with his outfield defense, but he has the opportunity to be a great defender as well.

Give Walker some time, and I feel pretty confident that he will rise to the occasion.