6 realistic trade chips the Cardinals may dangle at the trade deadline

The Cardinals are buying at this year's trade deadline and these six trade chips make the most sense to move.
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Tekoah Roby

One of the key pieces the Cardinals acquired during the 2023 trade deadline, Tekoah Roby has had a rocky year since being acquired by St. Louis, but is still a really interesting pitching prospect that they have to consider moving if they want to make a significant upgrade.

As things currently stand, Tink Hence, Quinn Mathews, and Cooper Hjerpe all seem to be viewed higher by the Cardinals' organization than Roby. Roby is still a valuable prospect though and one I'm sure the Cardinals would prefer to hold onto, but if they want to make a splash with an arm or bat they acquire, they can't hold tightly to every pitching prospect.

I will say I am 100% against the idea of moving Hence, Mathews, or Hjerpe at this deadline. Sure, they are not technically untouchable, but I doubt I would be a fan of any move they could make involving those arms. While I'd love to hold onto Roby as well, I think they have to be open-minded to moving him if a club values him.

Could Roby be part of a deal that snags the Cardinals a number two starter at this deadline? Alone, likely not, but I can see him in that package for sure, and potentially headlining it if the player does not have much team control. Roby was viewed as a top 100 prospect prior to this season by a lot of scouting outlets, but an undisclosed injury has sidelined Roby once again.

Roby still has dynamic stuff and should be an attractive addition to any club's farm system. The Cardinals should not be dying to move him, but if they want to make a swing, it would make sense to make him available with Hence, Mathews, and Hjerpe all being off the table. Beyond even those three names, the Cardinals' starting pitching depth appears to be improving day by day. Andre Pallante has really shown some things this year in St. Louis, while Gordon Graceffo, Adam Kloffenstein, Sem Roberrse, and Ian Bedell all show promise in Memphis.

Below them, names like Zack Showalter, Chen-Wei Lin, and Edwin Nunez provide depth into the future as well, so Roby's presence is not as essential as we might have thought it was when he was acquired.