6 potential managerial candidates for the Cardinals if Oli Marmol is on the hot seat

Arizona Diamondbacks v St. Louis Cardinals
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Joe Girardi

This may not be a popular pick to some, but he is a veteran manager who has seen success in his career and is currently available.

Girardi was also a catcher during his MLB career that spanned 15 years, he ended his career with the Cardinals in 2003. He has been a manager for 14 plus seasons starting in 2006 with the Marlins when he won Manager of the Year. He is arguably the most controversial Manager of the Year winner mainly because the Marlins had a losing record that season, and he was fired right after winning the award. After his brief time in Flordia, he replaced Joe Torre to be the Yankees manager. In his 10 seasons in New York (2008-2017), they had a winning record every season, they made the playoff 6 times, won 4 division titles, and won the World Series in 2009. This was Girardi's 4th World Series as he won 3 as a player also with the Yankees. His time managing the Phillies wasn't as memorable. From 2020 to 2022 the Phillies underachieved severely and he was fired 51 games into last season. The Phillies would turn it around right after his departure and evidently made it to the World Series.

After he was fired he took a job doing color commentary for the Cubs, but he is quoted saying that he would like to manage again so all I'll say is it is possible to see him managing the Cards, but as it stands right now I wouldn't expect it.