6 potential managerial candidates for the Cardinals if Oli Marmol is on the hot seat

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Yadier Molina

No surprise here. Lots of Cardinal fans saw Molina as a second manager when he was with the Cardinals. The impact he had on the pitching staff is something that may have been overlooked especially now that he is retired. It's common to see catchers become managers after their playing careers and Molina didn't waste any time in that regard.

We saw Molina manage his native country Puerto Rico in this year's World Baseball Classic just 5 months after officially retiring. Even before he hung up his cleats he coached the Puerto Rico under-23 team in 2018 and in the Venezuelan league last year. The only question would be Molina's interest in managing in the MLB, he has contemplated it in the past but he currently owns a basketball team in Puerto Rico that may affect him fully committing to a manager's role. The Cardinals are missing his leadership in the dugout and behind the plate desperately, it would be a special sight to see Molina back in that dugout someday managing.