6 people who are on the hot seat after Cardinals' lackluster start to 2024

John Mozeliak
John Mozeliak / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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2. John Mozeliak

If DeWitt is getting tired of hearing about fans upset about losing and not doing enough in the offseason to fix glaring issues, Mozeliak is definitely on the hot seat.

Mozeliak has been arrogant over the past couple of seasons in his pronouncement that Cardinals fans must remain patient while he fails to address glaring needs for pitching and the outfield. While fans should be patient as the team has its moments of doing well, the glaring problems with hitting, stability in the outfield, consistency for hitters, and dependable, consistent pitching still exist.

If the Cardinals don't find their footing and get on track, will Mozeliak wait until just before the trade deadline to make moves to help the team down the line? Will Mozeliak do right by fans after all of the moves made to make the extra moves now to get a winning product on the field for a playoff run?

A 71-91 finish in 2023 should be unacceptable to Mozeliak. He is a calm individual, and sometimes that can come off as him being aloof and not really caring about what others think of the team he puts on the field.

No one wants a repeat of 2023. Mozeliak should do all he can to make sure the Cardinals avoid the same fate. If he can't make things right, Mozeliak should be on the hot seat.