6 options the Cardinals could consider if they expand to a six-man rotation

Could the usage of a six-man rotation indicate the Cardinals aren't done adding pitching even as Spring Training starts?

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Option 3 - Drew Rom

Drew Rom's first dance as a Major League starter was not pretty. Through 8 starts, he recorded an 8.02 ERA as he greatly struggled with his command. While his 5.75 FIP indicates bad luck in a small sample size, he's still far from playable for a contending team without significant improvements. Personally, I hope Rom doesn't see much more starting action at the Major League level, but he's certainly in consideration for the final rotation spot this Spring. It'll be an interesting battle for the sixth rotation spot and perhaps a revamped Drew Rom could win the spot.

Option 4 - Gordon Graceffo

Once a top 100 prospect, Gordon Graceffo could win the final rotation spot in Spring Training. However, due to injuries and his struggles at Triple-A Memphis, Graceffo fell off the rankings and seemingly off the Cardinals' radar as a potential rotation candidate this offseason. His upside is much higher than many of the other pitching prospects in the Cardinals' system, as he boasts an upper 90's fastball and a wipeout slider. At 23 years old, it's getting a bit late for Graceffo to live up to his full potential, but he could win that final spot by shoving this Spring.

Option 5 - Michael McGreevy

While most Cardinals fans probably don't want to hear about Dakota Hudson ever again, his ability to coax ground balls to get himself out of tough situations was always an asset to the Cardinals. However, Michael McGreevy does one thing Hudson did not: limiting walks. He's not the flashiest name, but he put up solid numbers at Double-A and Triple-A last season and fits the Cardinals' old mold of pitching to weak contact instead of striking batters out. There are plenty of pitchers McGreevy has to leap over, but he could fill innings as the sixth man in the rotation with a good Spring performance.