6 more reunions the St. Louis Cardinals could pursue in 2024

Could the Cardinals look to bring back more of their former players?
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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The St. Louis Cardinals are looking to recapture their Postseason success in the early 2010s by bringing back some key components of championship-winning teams. They've reunited with Lance Lynn, Daniel Descalso, Yadier Molina, and now Matt Carpenter. However, there are a few more former Cardinals players who could be good additions this offseason. Here are six more reunions the Cardinals could pursue this offseason.

Trevor Rosenthal

After a series of brutal injuries, Trevor Rosenthal is once again looking to make a comeback to Major League Baseball. Once the 2015 Cardinals All-Star closer, Rosenthal was released by St. Louis after undergoing Tommy John surgery. He missed all of 2018 and was dreadful in his stint with the Washington Nationals and Detroit Tigers in 2019. He rebounded in his 2020 season with the Royals, earning himself a trade to the Padres for a playoff run.

However, due to various injuries including a second UCL tear and Tommy John surgery, he hasn't pitched in MLB since 2020. I interviewed Rosenthal alongside site expert Josh Jacobs and contributor Sandy McMillan for the Noot News Podcast, and Rosenthal expressed interest in making a return to the Majors with the Cardinals.

Rosenthal still boasts elite velocity numbers and could be a candidate for high-leverage innings when right. Of course, he'll need to prove his health and effectiveness, but since he'd only be signed to a Minor League contract, he'd be a no-risk high-reward bullpen option for 2024. The Cardinals have filled veteran presences in the rotation and now the lineup and Rosenthal would be the perfect option as a veteran voice in the bullpen.

Jordan Montgomery

Montgomery would be by far the most impactful addition on this list, but also the most unlikely. Adding him would likely propel the Cardinals' rotation to one of the strongest in the National League. However, Montgomery's contract demands exceeding the 6-year, $162 million deal that Carlos Rodon received last offseason will be almost impossible for St. Louis to meet.

First, this is probably more money than Montgomery is worth. Due to his breakout Postseason and the overall lack of pitching on the market, other teams that are more pitching-starved may be willing to overpay for Montgomery. Moreover, the Cardinals have probably reached their spending limit with regard to big acquisitions this offseason. Unless ownership decides to exceed that budget by a significant amount, it's unlikely such a deal is possible.

But, if Mozeliak and the DeWitts decide to expand the budget this offseason, adding Montgomery to the staff would allow for another top-tier arm of the same caliber as Sonny Gray and also allow the injury-prone Steven Matz to the bullpen during the regular season. Such a move would set the Cardinals in a much better position for both the regular season and the playoffs.