6 Cardinals who are most likely to be traded this offseason

This is a big offseason for the St. Louis Cardinals. Who will they move on from this winter?
Dylan Carlson, St. Louis Cardinals
Dylan Carlson, St. Louis Cardinals / Scott Kane/GettyImages
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Matthew Liberatore will most likely be traded this offseason

He's a lefty with lots of potential but with a coaching staff that doesn't seem to know how to use him properly, Matthew Liberatore may get some attention on the trade market.

While in AAA Memphis, Liberatore was doing an amazing job starting. As soon as he had to return to St. Louis, Liberatore seemed to decline when he was moved to the bullpen. With a stellar start against his old team, the Tampa Bay Rays, he was moved back to the 'pen where he struggled with the role.

This season, he was 3-6 in 11 games he started. He pitched in 22 games overall. He had a 5.25 ERA over 61.2 innings. He struck out 46 batters.

Liberatore has a lot of team control left as he becomes arbitration-eligible in 2026 and will be available for free agency in 2029. Liberatore has to be an intriguing option to a team looking for young pitching.

Luken Baker will most likely be traded this offseason

The acquisition of Jared Young from the Chicago Cubs off the waiver wire would make Baker available for trade.

After killing minor league pitching at AAA Memphis by hitting 33 home runs, the Cardinals were forced to bring Baker to St. Louis. Unfortunately, Baker struggled to attain consistency to be as effective against Major League pitching. Baker is one of those players who could use a change in scenery, which would allow him to get a better role on a club looking for a young infielder or designated hitter to smash some baseballs. Baker's sweet swing would sound amazing.