6 Cardinals who are fighting for their jobs this month

The trade deadline is around the corner and these players will be fighting to stick around
Colorado Rockies v St. Louis Cardinals
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Steven Matz will fight for his job this month

Matz has disappointed since joining the Cardinals on a four-year deal worth $44 million. The contract concludes in 2025.

Matz is rehabbing his back and making starts in the minor leagues to build his innings load to compete at the Major League level. While his current threshold is 40 pitches, the Cardinals want to get him to 70-80 pitches before his return. This is a reasonable limit, as they need this lefty arm to be healthy and consistent when he rejoins the club.

Andre Pallante will fight for his job this month

Pallante is young and still learning the ropes of being a Major League pitcher, even with a couple of seasons under his belt.

After a stint with Memphis to get stretched out to start for the Cardinals, Pallante has made this a successful endeavor, going 2-1 since his return. He's pitched 14 innings, giving up six earned runs, seven walks, and a home run, while striking out 11 batters.

Mozeliak said he's looking for a fifth starter with some innings-eating experience. This move doesn't have to ruin what Pallante is building. He will work over the next few weeks to show the Cardinals that he is an option to start and that he can be dependable.