6 Cardinals who are fighting for their jobs this month

The trade deadline is around the corner and these players will be fighting to stick around
Colorado Rockies v St. Louis Cardinals
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Ivan Herrera will fight for his job this month

Willson Contreras could be back from his broken arm injury this month. Ivan Herrera has performed so well, but he could be fighting for his job over the next few weeks.

Herrera is hitting .260/.322/.673 with three home runs, 16 RBIs, and two stolen bases. On defense, he has 327 putouts at catcher with 11 assists and one double play. He has two errors, giving up 39 stolen bases while catching three runners stealing.

Could Herrera retain his backup catcher role, or could he be an option to flip for needed resources at the trade deadline? Pedro Pagés has been Herrera's backup. While he hasn't put up the best numbers, he is also a good clubhouse presence

Contreras' return could bring about some intriguing changes in the catching position.

Jordan Walker will fight for his job this month

It's safe to say Walker has been fighting for his job all season. He got off to another slow start this season and was quickly shipped off to AAA Memphis to work on getting more lift in his swing and perfecting his defensive efforts in the right field.

Fans would have loved for Walker to return for the debut of the new City Connect jerseys, but they will have to wait. Walker hasn't returned, and the club seems determined to get him to improve significantly before they bring him back to St. Louis.

Walker will have to keep grinding away in Memphis to make his return to St. Louis permanent.