6 Cardinals' prospects who could make their MLB debut in 2024

The Cardinals' prospect depth is much improved. These talented players in the upper levels of the minors could make their debut next year.

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Michael McGreevy

Gordon Graceffo was on my list at this point, but Redbird Rants' own J.T. Buchheit proposed a Graceffo call-up a couple of months back. Instead, I'll throw in Michael McGreevy, a prospect who has been mentioned in tandem with Graceffo for the past 3 years. As of mid-season last year, McGreevy was ranked as the Cardinals' 12th-best prospect in their system.

McGreevy, 23, has largely been underwhelming as a prospect. He pitched 134.1 innings last year for Memphis, and not one of his numbers stands out above another. His 18% K rate is fine, his 6.2% walk rate is good, his 1.47 WHIP is decent, and his 4.49 ERA is fine for a back-end starting pitcher. McGreevy's prospect status peaked after the 2021 season when he pitched in High-A and AA.

Michael McGreevy is excellent at throwing strikes; the only problem is that batters typically hit only strikes. He allowed an average of 10.7 hits per 9 innings last year in Memphis, and he allowed line drives on nearly 24% of batted balls against him. Historically, McGreevy is known as a groundball pitcher, but a 52.4% groundball rate at the highest minor league level is concerning.

What's good about McGreevy is his track record. Once he settles into a level, he is able to limit walks, get ground balls, and use his deep repertoire to throw off batters. McGreevy's debut in the majors would likely be as a reliever, but I could see a scenario in which he makes an appearance in a doubleheader as an opener next year.