6 Cardinals' prospects who could make their MLB debut in 2024

The Cardinals' prospect depth is much improved. These talented players in the upper levels of the minors could make their debut next year.
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Sem Robberse

The Cardinals acquired right-handed pitcher Sem Robberse from the Toronto Blue Jays at last year's trade deadline for closer Jordan Hicks. At the time, Robberse was ranked #7 in the Blue Jays' farm system, and he was placed in the eighth spot in St. Louis prospect rankings according to MLB.com.

Robberse, 22, reached AAA Memphis last year after the trade, and he finished his time there with a 2-1 record, a 4.84 ERA, and a 1.783 WHIIP in 35.1 innings and 8 appearances (7 starts). Robberse's 26.2% K rate in Memphis was the best of his career, but his 14.3% walk rate was conversely the worst of his career. Sem Robberse made a very brief appearance at the 2023 MLB Futures Game in Seattle. He gave up two runs in only 0.1 innings.

While Sem Robberse doesn't have any one pitch that is dominant, his command is noteworthy. Excluding last year, Robberse didn't have a walk rate greater than 12% in his career, and that rate was in High-A in 2021 across only 31 innings. It is likely he regains his command and control that has been his calling card for the entirety of his career. Should Robberse maintain the strikeout rate that he had in Memphis while decreasing his walks, a bullpen appearance for him next year could happen.

Robberse's youth and inexperience at the AAA level go against him, but the Cardinals haven't been shy when it comes to promoting players with little or no experience at AAA. In recent history, St. Louis has promoted players like Jordan Hicks, Andre Pallante, and Jordan Walker. With better walk rates, a continued high strikeout rate, and increased velocity, Robberse could be a reliable arm as a depth reliever in St. Louis.