5 trades that Cardinals could make today to improve their roster immediately

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The Guardians give the Cardinals a promising starter for promising bats

The Cardinals trade DH/OF Juan Yepez and OF Moises Gomez for RHP Cal Quantrill

The Cleveland Guardians are always loaded with pitching and are now in a spot where they are multiple veteran arms in their rotatoin with high upside prospects ready to join their rotation as well. But once against, their offense has question marks.

Ranked 26th in runs scored so far this season, the club is expericing a lot of regression from key players and their offseason additons haven't helped much. Their offense should improve organically throughout the year, but they could use more value in their lineup. And we all know how much the Guardians love cost-controlled players.

Juan Yepez seems like a great bat to add to their lineup. Yepez has neutrual splits, which the Guardians could use since they have struggled against both righties and lefites this year. Moises Gomez represents an interesting prospect for them that could bring power to their lineup this season.

Cal Quantrill is not a flashy name by any means, but in 80 career starts, he carries a 3.63 ERA and is under team control through 2025. He's struggled a bit out of the gates so far with a 5.40 ERA, but will surely bounce back soon. He isn't a strikeout pitcher by any means though, so he may not be the kind of mold that the Cardinals truly need. But he does fit the mold of what they have looked to acquire in the past.