5 thoughts after Cardinals avoid sweep to the Giants

Paul DeJong
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The Cardinals once again lost a series is disastrous fashion.

This has been a terrible start to the season for the St. Louis Cardinals. The team is now 10-16. It's not typical for the Cardinals, and it's frustrating.

The Giants won Monday 4-0, Tuesday 5-4, and Wednesday 7-3. The Cardinals won Thursday 6-0.

This series with the Giants was one of the most gut-punching of the season, thus far. Most of the games were very close, and by the end, the team looked shocked at what transpired. While they did win the final game of the series, this isn't a good trend if the Cardinals hope to have success this season.

With that in mind, lets discuss five things after such a disastrous series.

5. Winning only the last game of each series isn't key to long term success

Since the series against the Diamondbacks in St. Louis, the Cardinals have won only the final game of each series since. That's not something that can keep happening, and the Cardinals still hope for a successful season.

Granted, this only includes the series against the D-backs, Mariners, and Giants, but with an overall record of 10-16, it certainly feels like a long-term trend that can not continue. The Cardinals play the Dodgers this weekend before returning to St. Louis to play the Angels and Tigers before another road trip that includes the Cubs and Red Sox. It's a crucial stretch of games the Cardinals should win without enduring these disappointing losses.

John Mozeliak, president of baseball operations with the Cardinals, is requesting fans have some patience with the team. It's the beginning of the season, and they are trying to figure things out. These things should have been figured out much sooner - such as the glut of outfielders and the lack of top-tier starting pitching.

It's anyone's guess what Mozeliak and company will do, but it's time for something. It doesn't seem like sending Jordan Walker to Memphis to work on hitting techniques will be enough. It doesn't seem like bringing back Adam Wainwright, and the corresponding move will be enough.

It's unclear what will be enough, but the Cardinals need to make some changes to improve their current path.