5 things to watch for the rest of the season for the St. Louis Cardinals

While the Cardinals are not playing for postseason baseball anymore, there are still plenty of reasons to watch the club closely as it prepares for 2024.
Minnesota Twins v St. Louis Cardinals
Minnesota Twins v St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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How do the Cardinals' young arms fare with their MLB and Triple-A opportunities?

Here are all of the names that will be getting starts for the Cardinals between St. Louis and Memphis for the remainder of this season who could factor in as the Cardinals' number five starter next season.

Matthew Liberatore, Dakota Hudson, Michael McGreevy, Gordon Graceffo, Sem Robberse, Drew Rom, and Adam Kloffenstein.

Those are a lot of mouths to feed, and on top of Liberatore and Hudson, I bet we see at least one of, if not more, of Graceffo, Kloffenstein, McGreevy, Rom, or Robberse get some run in St. Louis as well.

If one of these names can rise above the rest, they may have the inside track toward a starting rotation spot next season. The Cardinals have repeatedly said they need to add three starters, but I think they'd ideally like to see that number five spot filled with one of these options if possible. If none prove themselves, then yes, they will be for sure adding three guys for 2024.