5 studs and 2 duds in Cardinals series split the Reds

Paul Goldschmidt
Paul Goldschmidt / Jeff Dean/GettyImages
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5 studs and 2 duds for the Cardinals from the series split with the Reds

With a record of 23-29, the Cardinals are five games back of the first-place Brewers. The Cardinals are still struggling mightily but are clawing their way back into contention. The Cardinals lost Monday 6-5. They won Tuesday 8-5. They lost Wednesday 10-3. They won the getaway day game Thursday, 2-1.

Much like this season, the Cardinals had a mix of good performances and cringeworthy efforts. At the same time, some players can have standout performances while at Great American Ball Park, and some could do without visiting Cincinnati.

A series with the Reds is always a grind; this series was no exception. Let's look at who the studs were for the Cardinals and who the duds were in the series.

Stud - Paul Goldschimdt

Goldschmidt has certain ballparks he plays well in. GABP is one of those parks.

In Tuesday's first inning, Goldschmidt hit a fly ball home run to left center field. The homer traveled 384 feet at 99.2 mph. And then, in the third inning, Goldschmidt hit a fly ball homer to right field. The blast traveled 358 feet at 102.9 mph.

Goldschmidt now has nine home runs on the season.