5 risers (and 5 fallers) among the St. Louis Cardinals' top 30 prospects

MLB Pipeline updates its prospect lists, both overall and organizational, a few times each year. The most recent update, which came on August 10th, showed dramatic changes within the Cardinals system.
Victor Scott II steals second at the 2023 All-Star Futures Game
Victor Scott II steals second at the 2023 All-Star Futures Game / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Joshua Baez - Down 15 Spots

Baez is an incredibly exciting prospect. He posts eye-popping exit velocities and has a cannon for an arm. His big frame is surprisingly athletic and he may be a plus defender in right field. Unfortunately, Baez strikes out, and he strikes out a lot.

He's already racked up 90 strikeouts in 225 at-bats in 2023. Such numbers, even paired with immense power potential, are worrisome. His strikeout rate has fallen slightly since last season, but not enough.

Baez still has plenty of exciting tools. He's loaded with power and could easily hit 25 homers in the bigs if he can tamp down on the strikeouts. Baez is still worth monitoring, as he is nearing the upper minors. He's also very young, having just turned 20 in June. He certainly wouldn't be the first hitter to develop a more complete profile in his early 20s. Cardinals officials and fans alike should exercise patience with the young outfielder.