5 prospects at risk of being traded by the Cardinals for a frontline starting pitcher

If the Cardinals want to swing a deal for a top starter on the trade market, some of these prospects may be on the move.
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Chase Davis

The Cardinals' first-round pick in the 2023 MLB Draft, outfielder Chase Davis is the third-ranked prospect in their system according to MLB.com, and has a high ceiling as a powerful left-handed bat.

Drafted out of the University of Arizona, Davis has drawn comparisons to Carlos Gonzalez because of their very similar swings. In 147 games for Arizona, Davis slashed .319/.444/.644 with 39 HR and 132 RBI.

Davis may be able to stick in center field long-term but is more likely an above-average corner outfielder defensively. In his first 104 at-bats at the Single-A level, he posted just a .635 OPS, struggling to get hits and not hitting any home runs.

It is way too early to react to his slow start, especially with a player as raw as Davis and who is not expected to make an impact in St. Louis until at least 2026. Getting that first exposure to professional talent and using a wooden bat should be helpful for Davis as he trains this offseason and looks to make a name for himself.

Still, a team could really like the upside play of Davis, and thus I could see him moving in a deal for a starter. The Cardinals have so much outfield depth, both at the Major League level and organizationally, so I wouldn't be worried about their long-term outfield outlook.

It would hurt to give up a talent like Davis and see him thrive elsewhere, but if he ended up in a package, I think he'd be one of the two most valuable pieces. Again, if I'm the Cardinals, I'd much rather give up an unknown like Davis than one of my promising (and proven) Major League bats.