5 potential trade destinations for Cardinals' Steven Matz

Recent reports have indicated that the St. Louis Cardinals may trade their left-handed starting pitcher Steven Matz.
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Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays appear to be the perfect candidate to trade for Steven Matz. Redbird Rants' own Josh Jacobs recently discussed how logical this trade partnership is. Tampa Bay is looking to shed salary, and they can do that by trading the most expensive player on their roster: Tyler Glasnow.

Glasnow is projected to make $25 million next year. Tampa Bay's payroll is projected to exceed $115 million, a position they haven't been in, and they are looking to save money wherever they can. Keep in mind, the Rays aren't looking to rebuild or reset; they are instead looking to receive talent in exchange and still contend next year.

Both Glasnow and Matz have injury histories that are concerning. Steven Matz is not nearly as good of a starting pitcher as Glasnow when both are healthy, but the Rays have plenty of other capable starting pitchers in Shane McClanahan, Zach Eflin, Aaron Civale, Shane Baz, and Taj Bradley. Steven Matz would provide some more quality innings for the Rays in the back of their rotation.

In return, St. Louis has a few players they would have to send the Rays' way. Josh Jacobs said that the Cardinals would send Steven Matz, one of the team's outfielders, and one of their lower-end prospects, probably a pitcher. This trade fills a need for both teams. St. Louis gets a top-of-the-rotation arm, and Tampa Bay gets a serviceable starter, a talented outfielder in either Carlson, O'Neill, or Burleson, and the Cardinals throw in a pitching prospect the Rays can shape however they want.

The Cardinals and Rays appear to be great trade partners with Steven Matz and Tyler Glasnow. The Rays can shed salary while gaining some talented prospects, and the Cardinals get an All-Star pitcher to complete their revamped rotation.