5 players the St. Louis Cardinals did dirty during the 2023 season

The Cardinals' season is over, but that doesn't take them off the hook for the way they treated these five players.
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
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Willson Contreras

Willson Contreras ended up having a pretty good first season in St. Louis. But that doesn't mean that things were always bright and sunny. In fact, he is one of a few players that the Cardinals didn't treat all that well this season.

It all started in May when the Cardinals decided to remove him from the starting catcher spot. Oli Marmol vehemently stated that the Cardinals weren't losing games because of Contreras, but the comments that followed contradicted that statement and made it seem as if the Cards were trying to use Contreras as a scapegoat.

In reality, it was preposterous to ever think that Contreras would be what Yadier Molina was, but when the Cardinals realized that wasn't the case, they chose to throw him under the bus and essentially use him as a human shield.

The Cardinals eventually gave Contreras his spot back, but the damage was already done.