5 players the Cardinals need to avoid at all costs in free agency

The Cardinals plan to spend in free agency. Who should the Cardinals avoid at all costs?
John Mozliak, Cardinals president of baseball opeartions
John Mozliak, Cardinals president of baseball opeartions / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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Frankie Montas is a player the Cardinals must avoid at all costs during free agency

Remember when the hot rumor of the trade deadline in 2022 was the Cardinals were in hot pursuit of Montas? I'm glad that didn't happen!

Since joining the Yankees, Montas has pitched in nine games with a record of 2-3 with a 6.15 ERA. He's pitched 41 innings and has 28 earned runs, including six home runs. He does have 34 strikeouts. Shoulder surgery before the 2023 season did keep him out of the Yankees rotation.

The Yankees are also in need of pitching this offseason. They could look to resign the once promising arm and use him as a chip in the trade market. The Yankees could also allow Montas to move on and get a fresh start elsewhere.

While this offseason will likely be used to recover and win over a team wanting to take a gamble, Montas could be just what some teams need this offseason.

The Cardinals need a healthy, proven arm to get them through innings with strikeouts. Montas doesn't appear to be that guy right now, and the Cardinals aren't in a position to gamble and hope for the best. That hasn't worked so well for the Cardinals recently.