5 paths the St. Louis Cardinals can take to find a fifth starter

With Matthew Liberatore likely being moved back to the bullpen, who can the St. Louis Cardinals turn to every 5 days?
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A trade for a starting pitcher

This option would be the best for the team and organization in my opinion. There are already whispers of starting pitchers being available on the open market, and the Cardinals could jump their competition by trading for one now. The San Diego Padres boosted their playoff odds when they traded for Luis Arraez a couple of weeks ago, and the Cardinals could do the same if they trade for a starter now.

If John Mozeliak and Co. really believe they have a team that can compete in the playoffs, they should trade for a starter now to increase their odds that much more rather than waiting until the deadline. It's entirely possible the Cardinals are all but eliminated by the time August rolls around.

Erick Fedde of the Chicago White Sox is having himself a career season. He has a 2.60 ERA in 52 innings pitched with 50 strikeouts. Fedde isn't a free agent until after 2025 due to a 2-year contract he just signed. Fedde just pitched on Monday, so he's slated for a Saturday start. The Cardinals would have to give up some prospects, but it may be worth it.

Jesus Luzardo just returned from the injured list, and he's always been connected to the Cardinals. He's slated to start Wednesday, but either he or Gibson could be moved back to make space. Luzardo has a 5.02 ERA in 37.2 innings, but his career numbers show that he is capable of much more.

The Los Angeles Angels are likely a seller at the deadline, and Tyler Anderson has one more year of team control until he becomes a free agent. The lefty has a 2.72 ERA in 56.1 innings. While he isn't striking out many batters (40 total), he is limiting damage with a 1.065 WHIP. He will pitch Wednesday, so he's on the same timetable as Luzardo and Gibson.

A trade for a good starting pitcher would solve the team's problems now and alleviate concern for this upcoming offseason. This would be the wisest path forward, though it's not likely.