5 outfielders the Cardinals can trade for at the deadline

John Mozeliak identified the starting rotation and outfield as areas of improvement via the trade deadline.
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Chas McCormick

This is the player I'm actually most excited about on this list. Having a Houston Astro listed given their 7 years of success recently is a bit questionable, but the Astros are sitting 6 games behind the Seattle Mariners for the division title as of June 10th, and they are 4.5 games back of the Wild Card. It's close, but the team has been toiling in the bottom of the American League all year. Being sellers of a sort would be beneficial to a team that has had to pick later in rounds in the draft for years now.

McCormick's return from injury in mid-May created a bit of a messy situation for the team. In his absence, Jake Meyers put on a wonderful display in the outfield. Meyers, 28, is slashing .263/.328/.431 while playing elite defense in center field. Meyers's success has made Chas McCormick somewhat expendable.

The Cardinals could jump on this opportunity to snag a serviceable 4th outfielder who hits right-handed and can play a capable center field. Chas fits the bill to a "T". He's mostly played in left field this year, but the bulk of his innings in his career have come out of center, and he's been a plus defender according to Outs Above Average each year in that position.

Chas's .214/.281/.272 slash line on the year is less than stellar, but he had a 133 wRC+ last year with 22 home runs while playing strong defense in center. Make no mistake, Chas McCormick is a good player offensively. His return to full health will be key for him this year.

McCormick's track record of success, his age (29), and his remaining years of team control (free agent in 2027) will make him a bit of a costly entity. A prospect, likely pitching given the Astros' woes this year, near the top of the team's list will be asked. Will John Mozeliak be willing to part with a player like Tekoah Roby, Cooper Hjerpe, or Quinn Mathews to get his 4th outfielder?