5 outfielders the Cardinals can trade for at the deadline

John Mozeliak identified the starting rotation and outfield as areas of improvement via the trade deadline.
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Matt Vierling

Matt Vierling has become a bit of a multi-faceted player for the Detroit Tigers ever since they traded for him from the Philadelphia Phillies. Though Vierling has played the bulk of his innings at third base this year, he's seen the most success in the outfield.

Vierling has a strong offensive profile from the right side of the plate; he's slashing .276/.314/.469 with 7 home runs for a wRC+ of 120. He strikes out at a league-average rate, but his walk rate is a bit deflated comparatively. Vierling's .194 ISO speaks to his ability to hit the ball with some pop.

The 27-year-old would be another player who can play multiple positions for the Cardinals. He would allow manager Oli Marmol some flexibility in roster construction, and he would be a good complement to the team's left-handed corner outfielders. His .316 average against left-handed pitchers would lengthen a lineup that has historically hit lefties quite well.

The majority of Vierling's innings have come in center field for his career, and he's been serviceable in that role. His 88th percentile sprint speed paired with a decent arm should give him some upside roaming center field. He has also been a plus defender in the corner outfield spots.

Vierling, too, hits arbitration next year, so he won't be a free agent until 2028. The Tigers are nearing their window, but they haven't been able to surpass the Cleveland Guardians and Minnesota Twins in the AL Central just yet. Receiving a young prospect for a player who has upside but will start getting pricey may behoove Detroit. The Cardinals will get their 4th outfielder/utility right-handed batter in exchange.