5 outfielders the Cardinals can trade for at the deadline

John Mozeliak identified the starting rotation and outfield as areas of improvement via the trade deadline.
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On Friday afternoon, the St. Louis Cardinals hosted bloggers and podcasters who cover the team via multiple online outlets. As part of this event, team President of John Mozeliak attended to field some questions and comment on the direction of the team. With the trade deadline just a little over a month away, it was a topic that was covered heavily.

J.P. Hill of Viva El Birdos shared a recording of the event on the site's podcast page. Give the full question-and-answer session a listen here.

Mozeliak identified the Cardinals as a team in "shop" mode as of now. In addition to planting his flag in the "buyers" camp, Mo gave those in attendance a sneak peek at his goals for this summer's frenzied trade season. He stated the team is in the hunt for a 5th starter who can log quality innings and a right-handed outfielder who can play some center field.

"We are sort of in that shop mode on how we can look to get better, even if they're just small wins. I would define small wins as maybe trying to find someone who can give us innings in that 5th role. Is there some right-handed bat that could play center field from time to time? That would be helpful as well."

John Mozeliak

Mozeliak didn't say he wants a true center fielder. Rather, he wants an outfielder who can play center in a pinch. This would eliminate a player like Luis Robert Jr., contrary to the whims and wishes of many Cardinal fans.

The Cardinals' outfield situation is about to become more crowded. Tommy Edman and Lars Nootbaar are both hurt, but they'll return in due time. According to John Denton of MLB.com, Edman has been taking swings from both sides of the plate. He was also seen playing catch with none other than Willson Contreras just last week.

Dylan Carlson was supposed to be the team's 4th outfielder this year, and he conveniently hits better right-handed than he does from the left side, historically at least. This year, he's only marginally better batting right-handed (.502 OPS vs .468 OPS). Aside from his handedness splits, Carlson has not been good this year offensively. Edman, a switch hitter, also profiles better when batting from the right side.

With Lars Nootbaar, Brendan Donovan, and Alec Burleson as left-handed outfield options, a right-handed player to platoon will deepen the team's outfield. A new outfielder will create a bit of a logjam, but Edman's and Donovan's versatility opens up some playing time in the outfield.

Here are 5 right-handed outfielders the Cardinals could trade for this summer.