5 opposing players who ruffled the feathers of Cardinals fans

It's hard to get St. Louis Cardinals fans to dislike you as an opposing player, but these five players elicited boos, jeers and catcalls from Cardinals supporters.

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Nyjer Morgan

Another scuffle between NL Central rivals, this time the Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers, led to another vilified player among Cardinals fans. During a game in September of 2011, Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter struck out Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan. Carpenter and Morgan exchanged words, after which Morgan removed chewing tobacco from his mouth and threw it at Carpenter.

Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols came to Carpenter's defense, and after the game, Morgan took to Twitter to insult Pujols while referring to him with feminine pronouns. Another tweet of Morgan's mentioned the Brewers being in first place at the time and that he hoped the Cardinals would enjoy watching them in the playoffs. Cardinals fans clearly had the last laugh on that one.

It wasn't the first time Morgan had gotten into it with another team, as a 2010 Sports Illustrated article indicates. Morgan left the major leagues in 2014 with plenty of detractors in his wake, including those in St. Louis.