5 opposing players who ruffled the feathers of Cardinals fans

It's hard to get St. Louis Cardinals fans to dislike you as an opposing player, but these five players elicited boos, jeers and catcalls from Cardinals supporters.
San Diego Padres v Cincinnati Reds
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Brandon Phillips

Perhaps no opposing player in modern Cardinals history was booed as relentlessly and as frequently as Brandon Phillips. The saga began before a three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds in August of 2010, when the Reds' Phillips made disparaging comments about the Cardinals. On Aug. 10, in the second game of the series, Phillips tapped Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina on the shin guard, and Molina responded with some choice words. A melee ensued, and Phillips created a legacy as the premier baseball villain in St. Louis for the next eight years until his retirement.

Phillips embraced his role as persona non grata among Cardinals fans, and that brawl didn't just mark Phillips as a hated man in St. Louis; it made Molina an enemy in Cincinnati. Just as Cardinals fans showered Phillips with boos every time he came back to Busch Stadium, Reds fans didn't let Molina forget his role in the scuffle either. Now that both players have retired, the drama between the fans of each team has simmered, but people from St. Louis won't soon forget Phillips' quips about their city and the free-for-all brawl that he helped instigate.