5 of the past decade's most lovable Cardinals personalities

These five St. Louis Cardinals are blessed with personalities that transcend baseball and have made them fan favorites.
Kansas City Royals v St. Louis Cardinals
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Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez hit over .300 with the Cardinals in 2017 and 2018, but he fell from grace rapidly after being traded to the Tampa Bay Rays along with Randy Arozarena in 2020. Still, during three seasons with the Cardinals, Martinez captivated his teammates and fans with his energy and effervescence.

Martinez seemed to be permanently smiling, which is all the more notable given his nomadic minor league trek of 887 games with 11 different teams before he finally debuted with the Cardinals in 2016. Once he received his opportunity, he brought a loud bat and an infectious personality to the Cardinals, and he took it all in when he finally made it to the playoffs.

Martinez's exploits included throwing balls into the upper decks of Busch Stadium to provide souvenirs for unsuspecting fans andengaging in different types of handshakes with several members of the Cardinals. The appropriately nicknamed "Cafecito" also created his own brand of coffee in 2019, and it received Adam Wainwright's seal of approval.

Martinez is no longer in the major leagues, but his contagious grin and upbeat demeanor look to have had a lasting effect on those who played with him.