5 horrible moves that doomed the Cardinals from playoffs in 2023

The 2023 season was doomed from early on and nothing seemed to help
Oliver Marmol
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Cardinals Horrible Moves: Not getting immediate help at the trade deadline

It's well-documented that before the trade deadline this season, Mozeliak would go after pitching, pitching, and more pitching. He did acknowledge that the trades he would make would be geared toward 2024 and beyond, but it would have been great to have seen him get a piece or two that could have helped immediately.

At the trade deadline, it didn't seem the team was too far gone to have made a little run to make things at least a little more exciting. But they didn't. And you could tell by the end of the season when the team was crawling to the end, that it could have been good for the team's morale to have gotten immediate help at the deadline.

Yes, Adam Wainwright getting his 200th win was beautiful. Wainwright's farewell weekend was fantastic. But. He and the entire squad deserved more. The team floundered and looked burned out by the end of the season. Their morale was abysmal. And it was all avoidable had Mozeliak constructed a better roster and not waited until the last second to acknowledge that fact.