5 free agents-to-be the Cardinals should consider trading for at the trade deadline

Several potential free agents could be available for the trade deadline. Who should the Cardinals kick the tires on?
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Nathan Eovaldi

In 14 games started for the Rangers, Eovaldi is 5-3 with 80 strikeouts over 80 innings. Eovaldi has a 37.8-percent swing-and-miss rate with his split-finger pitch that averages 88.7 mph. He also uses a four-seam fastball, a slider, a cutter, and a curveball.

Eovaldi will likely be their rotation leader if the Rangers can make another World Series run. At 42-48 as of Sunday, the Rangers are in third place in the AL West. They are four games back of the Houston Astros and six games back of the Seattle Mariners. The Rangers have a couple of weeks to decide how they will proceed.

Eovaldi could become the top starter if the Cardinals could make the move to get him. It would allow Sonny Gray to feel less pressure after a slow start to his season, thanks to a hamstring strain at the beginning of the season. Gray has still been outstanding for the Cardinals, but he's had some notable struggles. If the Cardinals could land Eovaldi, it would greatly help the team in the quest for an October run.

Max Scherzer

Born and raised in St. Louis, it would be quite the story for Scherzer to play for the Cardinals finally.

After just making his return to the mound, he's off to a rough 1-2 start to his 2024 season. He's thrown 11 strikeouts over 16.2 innings. He's got a mix of pitches, including a four-seam fastball, slider, curveball, change-up, and cutter. He induces 40-percent swing-and-miss with his slider.

Sounds like an ideal pitcher for Cardinals manager Oli Marmol and pitching coach Dusty Blake.

Scherzer has been vocal about wanting to join the Cardinals in the past. Scherzer's return to St. Louis could finally be in the cards if the Rangers look to move him at the deadline.