5 changes the Cardinals need to make in the second half

The team sits three games over .500 at the halfway mark. These aspects of the team need to change in the second half.
St. Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals
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The St. Louis Cardinals' season is officially passed the halfway mark. They sit 3 game above .500 with a 43-40 record. This is a drastic change from last year when the team was 34-47 at this point last year. The energy in the clubhouse is much improved, and the product on the field is better this year.

John Mozeliak's work this offseason to remake the clubhouse via veteran additions is already paying dividends, and young players like Masyn Winn, Alec Burleson, and Brendan Donovan have been playing admirably lately. Health alone is a need for this team in the second half; Willson Contreras is back behind the plate, and Lars Nootbaar is starting a rehab assignment this weekend. Their returns will deepen the roster.

However, there are still plenty of things that need to change in the second half in order for the team to be successful. The Cardinals currently hold a Wild Card spot by the skin of their teeth, but there are plenty of teams stuck in the middle of the National League. One bad week can change the postseason outlook in a heartbeat for the Cardinals.

In order to make the playoffs this year, these 5 things need to change for the St. Louis Cardinals.

*All stats are accurate prior to games on June 29th.


There are three primary power statistics in my mind. The first is slugging percentage, the second is ISO, and the third would be extra-base hits, particularly home runs. The Cardinals are below average in each of these metrics this year.

They are 22nd in extra-base hit percentage with just 6.9% of their hits as a team being for a double, triple, or home run. They rank 21st in ISO, an all-encompassing power statistic, at just .139 -- for context, first place Baltimore sits at .208, and last place Miami has a .117 ISO. In terms of slugging percentage, the Cardinals rank 18th in the league with a slugging percentage of just .379.

Offense is down across the league, but the Cardinals are still in the bottom third of the league in these statistics. Even though last year's rule changes increased the usage of small ball and baserunning, power still reigns supreme in the sport. There are few things more energizing for a team than a home run.