5 Cardinals players that are doomed with Oli Marmol returning in 2024

Oli Marmol returning as manager in 2024 could spell disaster for certain Cardinals
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Nolan Gorman is doomed with Marmol returning as manager

Gorman's potential career year was cut short due to injury. But when he was healthy, it seemed like Marmol was hesitant to play the guy. Even though Gorman was hitting and creating some moment for the Cardinals, it still seemed Marmol would rather play Brendan Donovan, Tommy Edman, or even Taylor Motter.

Motter playing over Gorman was genuinely bothersome.

In 119 games, Gorman hit .236/.328/.478 with an OPS of .805. He scored 17 doubles, 27 home runs, 59 runs, and 76 RBIs. It was a fantastic pace that got interrupted due to lower back issues. Gorman is one of the top young stars in the organization but doesn't get treated like it by Marmol. And it's anyone's guess as to why. The young man can hit for power, and he's in his second season of playing second base after he just picked up the position when Nolan Arenado was traded to the organization. He has worked his tail off to contribute to the team and seems to need to gain the respect of a top talent in the organization.

As things stand for now, Gorman will face some competition at second base with Tommy Edman and Brendan Donovan, but he'll still have the opportunity to be the designated hitter. At least Motter has moved on. Marmol won't sacrifice talent for whatever Motter brings to the table.

Gorman should have a healthy offseason, making him well-rested and ready for an even better 2024 season. Hopefully, he makes it so hard for Marmol to consider removing him from the lineup. Marmol seems to have to be forced into playing certain players sometimes, so hopefully, Gorman makes a strong case for himself.