5 Cardinals players that are doomed with Oli Marmol returning in 2024

Oli Marmol returning as manager in 2024 could spell disaster for certain Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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Giovanny Gallegos is doomed with Marmol returning as manager

Gallegos is so fun to watch when he is on and pitching effectively. But it is evident to fans when he is used overused and not on his game. The manager, however, seems to just keep him in during these situations. Think of all the times Marmol kept Gallegos in a game to go an extra inning and ended up taking one for the team after running out of gas.

Gallegos is talented and has so much potential but it almost seems Marmol and Blake don't know how to use him effectively.

He was 2-4 in 56 games in 2023. He pitched in 55 innings with a 4.32 ERA. He did strike out 59 batters. When in 2022, he was 3-6 over 57 games. He had a 3.05 ERA, throwing 73 strikeouts over 59 innings.

Cardinals president John Mozeliak has plans for the bullpen this offseason, wanting to get at least two relievers and start pitching. If Mozeliak can accomplish this and take some pressure off Gallegos and Pallente, that would be impressive.